Automated supervision

Supervision and fault detection in real time

Plants, processes, machines and equipment are subject to a variety of faults (for example faulty sensors or actuators, mechanical faults, contamination, operating errors etc.). These are often noticed only once they are obvious and the event of malfunction has already occurred. With engineo supervision software even hidden anomalies (for example faulty sensor calibration or drift) can be found and problems recognised early in the process before they lead to a breakdown.

Task Automatic detection of faulty sensors, actuators and process anomalies
Functionality So-called residuals are generated in the software in regular intervals on the basis of current measurements and a system model. These are the discrepancies between the expected (i.e. physically consistent) and the actually measured process parameters. In a normal fault-free situation these residuals are equal to zero. In the event of a fault, these residuals increase in value. On the basis of these residuals it is determined whether there is a fault, and if yes, which components of the plant have caused it.
Range of applications
  • Automated supervision of plants, processes, machines and equipment
  • Identification of faulty sensor calibration as well as faulty sensors, actuators and plant components.
  • Monitoring of catalyst activities, fouling etc. (precautionary maintenance)
  • Increases security and availability of the plant
  • Allows quick intervention and damage limitation when problems occur
  • Lower workload for operating staff