Optimal control of nutrient supply

Robust and flexible solutions for production and process development

A reproducible nutrient supply meeting the demands of the cells is the base of successful fermentations and cell cultures. The control software eFermC calculates and controls the optimal nutrient feed automatically. It can be integrated in all bioreactor plants and on request be delivered including GMP qualification.

Robust and flexible solutions for production and process development

The model-based control technology of the software uses selected online measurements and ensures an optimal balance of nutrient availability to the actual demand. The nutrient feed is being adjusted automatically, for example to: cell amount and vitality of the seed culture, the respectively used cell line, the composition and physiological availability of the nutrient, operating conditions and recipe, etc.

Scale Effect of nutrient feed control with eFermC
  • Increase of productivity due to a more active reproduction and metabolism (cell vitality)
  • Reproducible stabilisation of the quality characteristics of the fermentation products on a high level (i.e. reproducible by-product profiles and patterns of glycolisation)
  • More efficient processing by reproducibly maintaining the characteristics of the fermentation products
  • Lowering costs for raw materials by increasing the efficiency of nutrient utilisation
Process development
  • Higher validity of experrimental results and a better comparison of experiments series can be achieved (“Quality by design”), as a reproducible consistent physiological status can be maintained.
  • Accelerated implementation of R&D test series and therefore an increase in development capacity
  • Higher success rate of fermentations, also during scale-up (first time right)
  • Flexible auto-adaptive automation without the disadvantages of the otherwise common fixed feed profiles
  • Less workload for operating staff with automated bioreactor control system which enables a reliable plant operation outside of normal working hours.

The software eFermC for nutrient feed control is available in different versions so that you can select the best possible solution for any process under consideration of the respectively available measurements. Details on linking the control software to the process are available here.