Software development

Tailor-made software for the highest standards

We develop, programme and implement software that fulfils your requirements perfectly and generates added value for your application: designed to meet your demands and optimised for your needs.

As a specialist for software application in a technological and scientific field we offer you software with the following key factors for success:

  • We create software which is user-friendly, and convinces your clients and users. The needs and expectations of the users are the basis of our software development.
  • We prepare a simple and self-explanatory operation. We arrange for a logical application flow in the programme and optimise layout and structure of the user interface and the data input accordingly.
  • Users can get additional support with intelligent assistance systems.
  • Another basis of the configuration are the relevant standards and recognised best practices. We are also happy to integrate your Corporate Design.
  • As a company developing automation software for processes with very high availability requirements, our main priority is a robust and flawless software. Therefore we are experts in the development of extremely stable and flawless software.
  • With our approach of “Quality by Design” we systematically identify and minimise potential sources of errors already in the concept design phase. During programming special guidelines and operation procedures provide additional protection at critical points. These instructions are continuously being developed based on experience gained in on-going projects.
  • We ensure a final test with comprehensive and documented testing methods with the support of test and simulation tools, if required also with “hardware in the loop”.
  • If required we can also implement complex algorithms and graphic designs. As they are part of our daily work we are familiar with for example numerical simulation methods, data mining, statistics, controlling and artificial intelligence etc.
  • We have also gained extensive experience with interfaces, data exchange and conversion between software, computer systems, data bases, equipment and plants etc (soft and hardware).
Quality control
  • We work with a quality control system that covers all phases of a software life cycle from a requirement analysis and the development and test of the software to support.
  • This quality control system is GMP-conform and meets the requirements of pharmaceutical and medical devices, and is regularly audited with excellent results. It is subject to a continuous improvement process and is constantly refined based on our experience gained in on-going projects, and adjusted to the current regulatory requirements.
  • During the entire project you have constant and direct access to a dedicated contact person who is familiar with the details of your projects and will ensure a reliable project delivery on schedule.
  • After the completion of a project we also offer a continuously available support service.