Online Optimisation

Process optimisation in real time

Plant operation is often subject to fluctuations and deviation from the optimal process. Reasons for this are for example the raw materials used, influences of the preceding process steps or changes in the production planning. Software from engineo for online optimisation of the process balances these fluctuations and ensures that the optimal trajectory of the process is always restored.

Task Online optimisation of the operating conditions taking into account the actual state of the process

The current state of a process is determined on the basis of the measured process variables. Then an optimisation algorithm calculates the values of the operation conditions required up to the end of the process so that the outputs of the process model maximise the quality function. This function describes the respectively relevant optimality criteria like for example product quantity, quality and batch duration etc. This procedure is being repeated in regular intervals during the entire process.

The optimisation software reads measurements via an interface to the plant or the control system and sends the calculated values back to the control system.
Range of applications
  • Balancing of fluctuations of the composition and the physiological availability of raw materials
  • Compensation of varying starting conditions, faults and measurement errors
  • Adjusting to variations in plant capacity and production planning.
  • Increases productivity and efficiency
  • Increases robustness and flexibility of the plant operation.