Advanced Process Control

Quick and precise control of single and multiple variable systems

engineo develops and implements model-based predictive and adaptive controllers for control loops with single or multiple manipulated and controlled variables. These modern and efficient control algorithms ensure a precise and quick control which is far more powerful than the conventional PID controllers.

The controller parameters are initially determined on the basis of historic measurements and the controllers tested in a specific simulation. Therefore the implementation into the plant can be completed within a very short timeframe.

Task Guides and keeps process parameters on the specified setpoints

The control algorithm determines the manipulated variables (for example valve positions)on the basis of the process model so that the controlled variable (for example nutrient concentration, reactor temperature) is as close as possible to the specified setpoint. This calculation is repeated for each scanning cycle. Such a model-based control system achieves a better quality of control and is more robust than PID controllers.

In case of an adaptive control the process model is being adjusted to the respective process behaviour by analysing the current measurements. This increases flexibility and lowers implementation costs.

In specific cases choosing a suitable controlled variable can also lead to an online optimisation.
Range of applications
  • Robust automation of a reproducible process
  • Precise retention of the operating conditions
  • Online optimisation
  • Standardisation of the starting conditions for a subsequent downstream process
  • Increases productivity and product quality
  • Increases productivity and product quality
  • Lowers raw material and maintenance costs
  • Compensates faults
  • Accelerates the process development